About us

We are a Supplier of High Quality Second Hand Textile Machinery from USA, Europe, Turkey, Korea, etc.
We can Supply High Quality Textile Machines of Used, Pre-Owned, Old, Second Hand Textile Machinery, Circular Knitting, Dyeing, Stenter, Compactor, Relax Dryer, Yarn Dyeing, Weaving Looms, Spinning Machines, Knitting Needles from Korea.

Knitting Machines: We can supply good condition Knitting Machines - Mayer, Terrot, Orizio, Pilotelli, Monarch / Fukuhara, Pai Lung. We have good suppliers from all over globe Europe, USA, Turkey, Korea, etc. Plain Single Jersey, Terry / Fleece Knitting Machines, Auto Striper / Jacquard / Wrapper / Mini-Jacquard Knitting Machines, Rib-interlock Knitting Machines, Double Jersey Jacquard / Mini-Jacquard / Striper Knitting Machines.

Dyeing Machines: We are supplying Used / Second Hand Dyeing Machines of all major brands like Brazzoli, Thies, Then, Sclavos, Fongs and many other popular brands. There are two type of dyeing machines available - Fabric Dyeing Machines and Yarn Dyeing Machines. We can supply Dyeing Machines for Knitted Fabrics as well as Woven Fabrics. Also we have very good Supplier from Europe for Yarn Dyeing and Hank Dyeing Machines.

Finishing Machines: We can supply Finishing machines like Compacter, Stenter, Slitter Padder Detwister Rope Opener, Raising, Shearing, Sueding Machines, Continuous Washing and Bleaching range and Relax dryer. We have available complete Finishing-Processing Lines for Tubular & Open Width Knitted Fabrics and Woven Fabrics also. Famous brands are Lafer, Ferraro, Santex, Bruckner, Monforts, Krantz, Babcock, Tubetex, Sperotto, IL-Sung, Ehwha, Bianco, Corino, etc.

Printing Machines: We can supply Fabric Printing machines like Rotary Screen Printing Machines, Flat-bed Screen Printing Machines, Digital Printing Machines, T-Shirt Printing or Chest/Panel Printing Machines. We have popular brands of Printing machines like Reggiani, Stork, Zimmer, MHM, Mimaki, Ichinose. Machine prints high-quality design that allow textile printers to increase efficiency, boost productivity and raise profitability to upgrade of existing equipment.

Weaving Looms: We are supplying weaving looms like Air Jet Looms, Water Jet Looms, Rapier Looms, Projectile Looms, Terry Looms, etc. We can also offer Warping & Sizing Machines, Knotting Machines, Beams, etc. We supply plain weaving to Dobby / Jacquard Weaving Looms, Terry Towel Weaving Looms. Some famous brands which are in demand Sulzer, Somet, Picanol, Dornier, Nuovo Pignone Smit, Tsudakoma, Toyoda, Nissan, Saurer Weaving Looms.

Spinning Machines: We are supplying Ring Spinning Machines, Open End (OE)/ Rotor Spinning Plants and individual Machines like Blowroom, Carding, Combing, Drawing, Roving, Ring Frames, OE / Rotor Frames, Autoconer, etc. We can offer all major brands like Rieter, Zinser, Howa, Schlafhorst, Murata, Trutzschler, etc. We are sourcing Ring / Open End Spinning and Worsted Spinning Machines by trusted Suppliers from Europe, USA, Turkey, Korea and African countries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower our clients to respond faster and more intuitively to changing market dynamics. We enable them to become more agile and competitive through leveraging new technologies. The seamless collaboration of our technicians and experts forms the backbone of our unique approach, creating truly integrated services .
Tecno International Marketing Agency will lead the way by providing clients with insights and capabilities that boost their freedom to achieve superior results. Our clients are operating in a complex environment, often under huge constraints and pressures which limit their freedom. We believe in sharing our own freedom independence from technical & manufacturing problems, entrepreneurial spirit, values and creativity with our clients. We have the know-how, spirit and capabilities to give our clients the tools to steer their own course, and ultimately to achieve better, faster and more lasting transformation. What also sets us apart is the way we work together with each other, with our partners and with our clients. We call our approach the Collaborative Business Experience, at the heart of our every interaction and is how we forge closer, more effective relationships.