Co ..Complete Wrosted Yarn Plant





Complete Spandex Wet-Spinning system  Plant from Polymerization to Winding

    1999 year, Production of the plant started in year 2002, plant operated for about 3 years, never went into full production.
    Machinery is in excellent - like new - condition.
    Production Capacity 160 Tons per month 
    Yarn Count Range: 40 – 240 denier and one line 1350 dtex for diaper industry
    2- Polymerization Lines
    With Tanks, reactors, vessels, pumps
    Manufacturers: EKATO, Shumadzu, Viking and others

    5- Spandex Yarn Production Lines
    Dosing Pumps
    Oiling before and after Drying
    Pulling Unit
    Drying (electric and Steam)
    Transfer Rollers
    Feeding Rollers
    Yarn Wind-Up

    Manufacturers: Fleissner, Slack & Parr, Noseda, Tokuden, Tonoilo, Siemens, Fuji, Mitsubishi.

    1     Complete Laboratory

    Sample Dryers, Ovens, Viscosimeter, Microscope, Tension Lab, Gas Chromatograph, etc.