Co ..Complete Rieter Nonwoven Line




    Code: 690-0103   1 x Rieter complete nonwoven line

    Type: Emblo 1000   Width: 1000mm   YOC: 1993-2004   EL: 380/3/50

    meltblown production line for PP, 13 - 500 gsm, main products are filters, wipes and oil absorbents. Line composed as follows;

    Rieter extruder from 2004, 350 deg. C., 500 bar.

    Colortronic Synchroblend hopper from 2004

    Rieter 2-cylinder calender with HTT heating, yoc: 1993

    Perforation unit, yoc: 1993

    Tidland slitting system with 5 knives, yoc: 1993

    Crosscutter and winder, yoc: 1993

    The line is fully complete with all control panels and electrical cabinets. There are also some brand new spareparts as well as two unwinding stands so the line actually comes with lamination possibilities.