Complete Air Jet Weaving Plant



    Ref:- OMJL20-AW

    Complete AirJet Weaving Plant (43 Looms) including all Accessories for sale, consisting of:


    6    Picanol Air Jet Weaving Machines, Model OMNI, Year 2000

    Working Width 2.2 m, Staubli Dobby

    1    Picanol Air Jet Weaving Machine, Model OMNI F4P, Year 2000

    Working Width 2.5 m, Staubli Dobby

    3    Picanol Air Jet Weaving Machines, Model OMNI-Plus, Year 2002

    Working Width 3.3 m, Staubli Dobby

    3     Dornier Air Jet Weaving Machines, Model LWV 4/E10, Year 1996

    Working Width 2.8 m, 4 Colors Possible – 2 Installed

    Cam Motion, 10 Levers Capacity, Leno Selvedge, Batcher

    30    Sulzer Air Jet Weaving Machines, Model L5100, Year 1990

    Working Width 1.9 m, Single Color

    (10) m/c with crank motion

    (10) m/c with cam Motion

    (10) m/c with Dobby Motion

    Electronic Let-Off, Leno Selvedge

    3 Drop Wire Bars, 10’000 Heddles/Drop WIres

    2  TeStrake Weft Feeders, 16 Frames

    2 Warp Beams, Flange 800 mm

    Mengen Batcher, Speed  650-700 rpm

    1     Brandt Flanged Bobbin Winder for Selvedges, Year 2000, with Creel

    1     Spaleck Frame and Reed Cleaning Machine, Year 2000

    1     Knotex Drawing In Unit 

    2     Knotting Units (Uster/Knotex)

    1     Air Conditioning Unit, Year 1990

    2     Kaeser Compressors

    2     Boge Compressors

    1     Atlas-Copco Compressor

    2     Boreas Air Dryers, Year 2002 


    Incl. all Spares, Frames, Heddles, Drop Wires, Reeds, etc.

    Mill is manufacturing interlining upto 300 gr/sqm