Co ..Complete Wrosted Yarn Plant



    Code: 590-0045   1 x PCMC/Bikoma/Nuova Red Complete Hygiene Plant

    YOC: 1982-2002   EL: 380/3/50

    complete PCMC baby-diaper production line for 4 sizes, mini, midi, maxi and junior, originally manufactured in 1982 but upgraded in 2002 composed as follows;

    - Osprey re-cycling cabin, cellulose/pulp unwinder for 4 reels, tissue unwinder for 2 reels, PCMC (Williams) hammermill/defibrator with vacuum screen, SAP dosage feeder, unwinding unit for non-woven and acquisition material, embossing and stinging compressing unit, pulp-pad cutting, length cutting and blue barrier unit, Bikoma legcuff and waistband unit for continuous processing - installed in 2002, polyethylene, legcuff, core, elastic-leg 1 and elastic-leg 2, edge-guiding system, Bikoma polyethylene unwinding unit continuous process - installed in 2002, fastening tape and pressing unit, water-cutting unit for leg-cut, Komer (Italy) bi-folding and cross-cutter - installed in 2002, Nuova Red stacker and bagger with two exit channels.

    Line is complete with all hot-melt glueing units, Siemens PLC S7 control panels, flow-system for pressure-increase unit for water cutters. Capacity 200 - 250 diapers per minute.

    Code: 590-0046   1 x CCE Complete Hygiene Plant

    Type: CCE/AN.CS/F   YOC: 2001   EL: 380/3/50

    Complete sanitary napkin line for three different products;

    - ultra-thin three-folded sanitary napkins with airlaid core

    - fluff based flat sanitary napkins

    - fluff based three-folded sanitary napkins

    All products currently run with "wings" - however, by adding a new rotary die, wingless products could easily be produced.

    Three sizes (small, medium and large, 243 x 145 mm, 243 x 155 mm, 264 x 145 mm)

    Mechanical speed: 700 ppm, working speed 500 ppm. Consisting of;

    - Cellulose unwinder for multiple rolls

    - CCE type M.LN hammermill - 45 kw ABB motor

    - single core drumformer

    - CCE type S.AL airlaid unwinder

    - CCE type S.F acquisition layer

    - SAP application unit

    - unwinders for poly backsheet, nonwoven topsheet unwinder silicon paper (for wings) unwinder, long silicon paper unwinder, ADL unwinder, nonwoven soft-wings unwinder, airlaid unwinder. All unwinders are with "fly spice" for continuous production at roll change.

    - CCE type TF2 three-folder

    - CCE type HS3.B stacker with two exits

    - API semi-automatic packaging unit, model STAR B60

    Hotmelt units:

    - Nordson MX4412 - 1 x 1 CE - airlaid and SAP

    - Meltex MX4024 - 2 x 2 - backsheet and nonwoven topsheet

    - Meltex MX4024 - 3 x 1 - silicon paper

    Line is complete with Siemens Simatic S5 electronic controls, Kaeser compressor and Videojet inkjet printer.

    Code: 590-0047   1 x Modo Complete Hygiene Plant

    Type: MD-E   YOC: 1987   EL: 380/3/50

    Complete baby-diaper line for 5 sizes, newborn, mini, midi, maxi and junior. Production speed 300-350 ppm. Consisting of;

    - Kamas HC 60 hammer mill with frame for six pulp rolls, sensor and alarm light for end rolls

    - 2 piece 2D drum forming system. First drum for continuous pad and the second drum for intermittent pad. Balancing brushes for each drum.

    - SAP feeder, frequency controlled and follows line speed. Steel hopper for 1000 kg bags.

    - diaper core handling is pneumatic and adjustable, pad pre-compression unit, pad cutter, rotary cutter, straight knife

    - Tissue unwind with 2-roll holder, manual fly change

    - Poly and frontal-tape unwinder, mechanically driven, 2-roll holder. Frontal cut and place unit, 90 degree turning device

    - leg elastic (3+3), AC-controlled un-winder for 8 rolls

    - nonwoven unwinder, automatic fly change

    - leg cuff unwinder, automatic fly change, frequency controlled Lycra unwinder for 2 rolls, material centering unit, rotary knife slitter, split leg cuff nonwoven material.

    - waistband applicator, 2-piece roll-holder, manual fly change

    - Acquisition layer unwind, servo-driven roll stand for 2 rolls, automatic fly change by CTC, cut and place unit

    - marriage point with rubber coated pre-compression unit

    - fixing tape, mechanically driven tape-feeder, metal knives, tape folding plates, rotating fixing rolls for second laminate, tape detector sensors with waste function

    - longitudinal folding unit with adjustable folding plates and bar

    - final cutting unit

    - FCM semi-automatic packaging unit MD-P from 1989.

    Line is fully complete with 3 Meltex GR hot melt units, 2 Dynatex 522 S-series hot melt units. Glue timers, all intemittent glues controlled by Basfer 8 channel unit. Middle layer roll, nonwoven roll and leg cuff equipment are PLC controlled. Transmission by 2-piece main shaft (line speed - cutters). Main motor is DC controlled. Equipped with Tandler gear boxes, 5 sizes belt gear for the forming unit and one adjustable variator (A3) for pad speed control.