Co ..Complete Nonwoven Plant




    Code: INVES-0109   1 x DOA Complete Nonwoven Plant
    Type: Random airlaid   Width: 2500mm   YOC: 1977-1988   EL: 380/3/50
    Complete line for manufacturing of airlaid nonwoven based from either natural fibers like coconut, sisal, horse hair, camel, wool and cotton or recycled man-made fibers of PE producing from 80 - 800 gr/sqm consisting of:
    01 x Dilo balebreaker with 4 beaters ww 1 m
    01 x Dilo Cyclon
    01 x DOA chutefeed with opener and transport fan
    01 x Dilo carding willow tearing m/c for sisal and waste with Hering fan ww 1,0 m and 3 m feedtable
    01 x Laroche tearing unit including DOA hopperfeeder and Hering fan
    01 x Lieb anti static unit and metal trap
    02 x Dilo opening mcs for twisted coir fibres (3 inserts each) with Hering fan
    01 x Dilo HVI25 fiber distributor ww 2,4 m
    01 x Unwider for backing fabric
    01 x Dilo pre needle loom ww 2,5 m, needling from top to bottom, double boards, 864 needles/lm, 400 rpm.
    01 x DOA/Neretter sheet layer with weighing scale
    01 x DOA D-section air laid webforming ww 2,65 m
    01 x DOA finishing needle loom  ww 2,65 m, needling from top to bottom, double boards, 9600 needles/lm, 600 rpm
    01 x unwinder for support fabrics
    01 x Mohr 3 layer spray and dryer  oven with spray attachments for both sides and heated with thermal oil boiler. Pumps for spray units is Kopperschmidt.
    01 x Goller Calander
    01 x Doa length cutter with 6 knives
    01 x Lieb guillotine cutter
    01 x Geka thermooil boiler 1160 kW
    In addition to the line above there is also one additional winder, card wires, belts for different machines, spare needle boards  and miscellaneous other parts for the equipment.


    Overall needed effect is 350kW and space requirement is roughly 20 x 50 meters

    Location: Europe